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New thinking about "secondary craters" has thrown this whole foundation of comparative planetary dating into disarray.

Fallback debris could also cast dust over the primary craters, obscuring the relationship, or could even toss up more debris to generate additional impacts.

Believing they knew how old the earth-moon system was, and something about its geological history, scientists had plotted crater density on the moon against surface age.

Your goal is to make her feel wanted and desired, not like you’re worried she’ll break a hip while walking across the street.

If you make her feel fragile and old, then she won’t want to be around you, much less sleep with you.

Now they are finding that the vast majority of craters could be secondaries.

One writer in estimated that a single large impact on Mars could generate ten million secondaries, and that 95% of the small craters on Europa could be from fallback debris.Dating – and eventually banging – MILFs requires some finesse.So, here is the ultimate list of things you must keep in mind when you’re dating a more mature woman: 1.It assumes, however, that impactors arrive at a roughly steady rate and produce one crater per hit.After compensating for various complicating factors, like atmospheric density, gravity, and geological activity, scientists had been confident of their time charts -- until recently.If you are beginning to feel stuck and sick of the kind you are continuing to date, then it might be time to expand your dating pool. Well, you don’t have to move or go on a sexcapade to a neighboring city.You only need to expand your idea of who is datable. If anything making this change will be a good experiment for your dating and sex life.There is an important lesson here, though, for all science lovers: question assumptions.After dating a lot and sleeping around within your dating pool, you might find yourself looking for something new.Know that you may need to be gentle when it comes to bending her into a pretzel and know that might need a little more lube, depending on the MILF.Make sure you have open communication while you’re in the bedroom.


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