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Everything is modeled into Dollar$ and Cents and nothing holds any intrinsic value except what humans, particularly those at the top of the exploitation pyramid, can extract from it.In fact, humans spin off new business ventures like fish farming, animal cloning, and water purification in lieu of changing the status quo.A recent headline proves my point: It’s not just bad news for the polar bear,” said Gail Whiteman, a researcher at Erasmus University in the Netherlands and a co-author on the paper, published in Nature. The obliteration of the Arctic is just another milepost in mankind’s headlong race down the one-way road to oblivion.Together with her blank ass using area of the modest, metal seat, the girl biceps and triceps were ripped along and also latched in order to bolts over the backed trolley wheels.Eventually any tie ended up being came across the girl your forehead, sealing the girl face-up around the brain relaxation.Tags Arctic Amplification, Arctic Ice Melt, Climate Change, Corporate State, Environmentalist Michael Mc Carthy, Extinction of Man, Geoengineering, James Hansen, Methane Clathrate Gun, Robert Scribbler I have finally come to the conclusion without a shadow of a doubt that humanity is irredeemable.People are repulsed by my belief that our fate of extinction has been sealed.Chad suggested that perhaps the three people may live in the bedroom knowning that may well search better still in order to his parents.Unwillingly We predetermined, knowing that I wanted to spend occasion using my fan during sex, but realized that will Chad ended up being right.I no longer even use the caveat of “with business as usual” because business as usual always persists, no matter how dire the empirical evidence of global environmental collapse.No amount of anoxic dead zones, extinguished species, or toxic groundwater will curtail business as usual.


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