Dating with erectile dysfunction

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It appears that women have little tolerance for their men when they have ED problems or other related trouble in getting hard while in bed.From premature ejaculation or a low sex drive to erectile problems or difficulty with reaching orgasm, sexual dysfunctions are experienced by men and women all around the world. According to It’s no secret that dating can be especially stressful for people with a sexual dysfunction.Think about it: trying to start a new relationship involves putting yourself out there again and again, hoping that someone likes you for who you are; praying that you don’t end up feeling the sting of rejection. Having a sexual dysfunction can make the risk of rejection feel even more powerful; and things become even more complicated when you start to deliberate about whether or not to tell your new partner about your dysfunction.Remember that support and effective treatment strategies are only a mouse click away.There is absolutely no reason why you should be alone or lonely because of sexual dysfunction.The important thing is that the two of you keep communicating as openly as possible.This will help you to reach a place of trust and safety so that sex, when it does happen, can be colored by feelings of connection and acceptance, rather than anxiety and fear of judgment. Help your partner to understand that you are not rejecting them and that you are in fact attracted to them.By taking the plunge and talking openly with your partner, you are moving toward taking control of your own sexual functioning.If you have a sexual dysfunction, then you are well aware of how challenging it can be to start dating new people.Yet these women are unwilling to take responsibility that they too have issues, yes? I am sorry for your experience and I have an invitation.How much of their judgment is a reflection of your self-judgment?


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