Dating valco guitars

Jimi’s was an off-white, 1957 Supro Ozark 1560s that his father bought for him in 1959 at Myers Music in Seattle for $89.

This screamer is paired with a rare blue Tolex Supro 1624t amp.” Valco In many ways, Valco’s story is a classic American tale of reinvention, which is to say that separating fact from fiction is difficult and possibly pointless.

In 1936 they relocated to Chicago to be near suppliers and other manufacturers, according to Victor Smith, as quoted in Wheeler’s book.

Other Dopyeras started other guitar companies in warmer climates.

Valco created the Supro brand, applying it to Regal- and Harmony-built student acoustic models.

They later used the Supro brand on electrics, amps, and bass guitars.

For the most part, they have a small metal plate on the back of the neck, on the opposite side of the neck from the nut.

The serial number on that plate can be used to determine the year the guitar was made.

They also introduced the Airline brand, under which they sold the same guitars and through Montgomery Ward.

I am looking for some help in dating a couple of SUPRO 6 string lap steels.


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