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They’re our links to the world, and to the information we need while traveling, so we have to keep them safe. It’s sturdy, waterproof and dust-proof, and still allows for use of your touchscreen and camera.

However, it was a private garden of Kaiser Sumsher, it was beautifully designed inspired by the famous Edwardian style.

View their plans at World ➜2) Life Straw – Since much of Nepal is without safe drinking water, this self-filtering straw can save you when bottled water isn’t available.

When you’re taking part in any activity at high elevations (as is the case with most parts of Nepal) it’s vital to be well-hydrated.

The Garden of Dreams, a neo classical historical garden, is situated in the midst of Kathmandu city, Nepal.

The Garden was famous as the garden of Six Seasons which was created by late Field Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana (1892-1964) in early 1920.


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