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As the date for the summit approaches, Romania's fears of Russian destabilization efforts in Moldova will grow. Both are interested in expanding the European Union's influence eastward and contributing to political stability in Russia's traditional spheres of influence, particularly in Ukraine and Moldova.

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Second, Romania will keep pushing for closer military ties with the United States and Poland.Romania has said repeatedly that it will support Moldova's eventual membership in the European Union.In late June, the European Union and Moldova will likely sign their free trade and association agreements within the framework of the Eastern Partnership initiative. presence in Central and Eastern Europe enhances their national security.A little more than half of Moldova's trade is with the European Union, but one-third of Moldova's exports go to Russia.Russia is a very important political and cultural force in Moldova, with a significant part of the population supporting closer ties with Moscow instead of Brussels.Russia has several tools to destabilize Moldova, which means that the region will remain volatile in the coming months. Bucharest will use these agreements to seek a greater U. presence in the country, or at least stronger signals of commitment to Romania's security (such as the appointment of a U. Moreover, from a strategic point of view, closer ties between Romania and Poland would create an alliance of the two largest countries in the region, ranging from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.Second, Romania will keep pushing for closer military ties with the United States and with key regional players. Recently, Romania and Bulgaria have been included in some of the summits of the Visegrad Group (which comprises Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary).Romania still has additional options: exploration of its shale gas resources, development of offshore natural gas fields in the Black Sea and development of interconnectors with neighboring countries. Energy Information Administration, Romanian shale gas reserves total 1.4 trillion cubic meters.Most of these initiatives, however, are unlikely to have a significant impact this decade. But Romania has a long way to go and many obstacles to overcome (including popular resistance to hydraulic fracturing) before these resources become available for consumption.Romania has two key sources of concern when it comes to Russia.The first is Moldova and its breakaway territory of Transdniestria.


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