Dating the emergence of pandemic influenza

dating the emergence of pandemic influenza-7
Severity has never been part of the WHO definition of a pandemic, although the pandemic virus has to be able to cause disease in at least some people.Hence once a pandemic starts it is important to assess the severity of the pandemic along a series of parameters using a Risk Based Approach such as the one developed by ECDC.

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The same estimates came up with the following effect on the workforce of the first wave of a pandemic 25% overall would be affected and off work at some point.These waves do not happen at exactly the same time or to the same extent in every part of a country.In Europe there is often a tendency for the waves to progress from West to East, but often starting in a pandemic with the countries that have the most contact with the countries first affected in another part of the world.These proportions can be quite small but multiply them by 25% of the population and the numbers become very large.A pandemic can come in a single wave or as two or wave separated by few months or a year.As immunity increases among humans, and the pandemic virus changes, the pandemic strain becomes part of (and may dominate) the mix of seasonal influenza A viruses, perhaps changing some of the characteristics of seasonal influenza.Influenza pandemics vary, and in order to mitigate or even prevent some of their most concerning impacts there is a need for specific and general preparedness.At the peak 4% of the work-force would be off because they would be ill at week 14 which would be double normal rate.However, perhaps the same proportion might be off because they were caring for someone else who is in the family.Sometimes the second wave is more severe than the first.Each wave can last up to four or five months rising and then falling in intensity like seasonal influenza in the winter.


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