Dating someone who just came out of the closet

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Ever gay man’s journey is different some come out at a very early age, some wait till the twilight years of their life.Sometimes we have a supportive family, and sometimes we fear for our safety when coming out.No matter what your journey is, coming out is unique for each of us.

But for gay couples in this day and age, this problem is sometimes bypassed by a much more complicated one.

What happens when your boyfriend of girlfriend is in the closet?

I remember meeting my first (and last) girlfriend’s parents outside of a movie theatre back in middle school and trying to nail the appropriate handshake strength.

There is a customary weight put on meeting your girlfriend or boyfriend’s parents.

Not only should you be there for them, to comfort and console, but you what if you could help them come out?

Dating someone who just came out of the closet

This is hardly an easy thing to do, and shouldn’t be forced.

Every relationship is different and works in different ways.

You need to look within yourself to see what are you ok with and what doesn’t work for you.

But those of us who have been able to come out know that feeling of relief and freedom that comes along with the ability to express your love for someone of the same sex.

“I always pressured my boyfriends at times to come out because, being out, I knew it was ok and I knew that they were just afraid.


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