Dating for divorce

In the last few years, I’ve dusted myself off after a divorce and a devastating breakup (or three.) I’ve re-established my career in education and began to pursue a new passion in publishing. In an attempt to stop stressing myself out, I decided it was the latter. I roll the glass of wine between my fingers and check my phone for about the 50th time.

Now, I suppose I’m treading water in the five-foot area. I thanked him for a nice night and wished him well. Except I spent the rest of the day worried that I was too blasé about the encounter because I was broken from my previous relationships. Or was there just not a spark with this particular guy?

When it comes to online dating, the bigger the site the better.

You want lots of potential matches and exposure to attractive women who are just a click away.

Guilfoyle revealed last May that she was in talks with the Trump administration about becoming the White House press secretary following Sean Spicer’s departure.

The plan apparently fell through because Guilfoyle was under a “long-term” contract with Fox News.

She’s the one who purchases pretty lingerie and lets fireflies loose in her chest. But there’s one thing I know she is — and that’s goddamn invincible.

She’s the one who ordered this glass of Riesling to calm the anxiety about meeting this new guy tonight.

RELATED VIDEO: What Went Wrong Between Vanessa and Donald Trump Jr: He Grew ‘Distant, Angry;’ She Felt Stifled Guilfoyle, 49, a former San Francisco and L. prosecutor, was married to former San Francisco Mayor and current California Lt. Gavin Newsom for four years before they split in 2005.

The Fox News host is a Trump supporter who consistently backs the president and his family on her show.


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