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Details regarding her exit from the show are being kept under wraps so it is not yet known if she will leave after her current storyline or if her exit will be due to a different plot.

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Joyce is upset that Ted has brought a box with them after agreeing to "keep the past in the past"..

131 When loan sharks cut off Karen Taylors (Lorraine Stanley) electricity, Shirley asks him to put it back on, which he does, however, he does not appear onscreen.

However, today bosses revealed that Mercy will leave the show this summer.

She has recently been involved in a storyline which sees the Border Immigration Agency attempting to deport her however on the day of the Royal Wedding, viewers saw her best friend Arthur ''Fatboy'' Chubb (Ricky Norwood) propose to her in order for her to stay in the country.

Abi and Steven begin their affair when Steven suspects Abis sister and Stevens girlfriend Lauren of having an affair with her employer, Josh Hemmings (Eddie Eyre), that has led to "tension" between the characters, especially with the discovery that Lauren terminated her pregnancy.

194 A BBC statement said of her storyline: They then tell Bex that they will always be around and she cannot escape them.

60 He later helps Lucy when she is being pestered by someone, and they end up kissing.

However, when initially questioned by the police, Janine blames Alice for everything so Alice is charged with murder and Janine is released without charge.

114 Checking on Lolas progress, Trish arrives unexpectedly.

Preston is rude towards Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) when he refuses to serve him for already being drunk and underage, and Michelle returns home to find the police there with Preston.


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