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The word count for fiction and nonfiction book excerpt submissions should not exceed twenty-five hundred words. If your work is selected for inclusion in a future “Behind Our Eyes” project, you will be notified; your approval and final review will be required.

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The 8 steps will help you get ahead of the curve by using techniques that most people are unaware of .

Writers with disabilities may submit up to three selections per issue.

The Distraction e Book is about reclaiming your life back.

We are living in an age of distraction where its increasingly difficult to lead a meaningful life because everything needs our attention either its social media or meaningless meetings.

We had a tie for the second Honorable Mention positions in both the nonfiction and poetry contests, so we have five winners in both of those categories. ” kind of big city Newsy, who stood on the street corners in old time movies, but like the ones in a thousand neighborhoods in cities and towns, large and small across America, who rode their bikes, or walked city streets with heavy bags slung across their slender shoulders.

Below are the Congratulations to the winning authors. This was at a time when nearly every home received a newspaper.All verifications of products or services provided are the responsibility of our readers. “Behind Our Eyes, a Second Look” is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers, and in E-book format on Amazon Kindle. Several members of our group meet by moderated teleconference twice monthly to hear speakers; share work for critique; or receive tips on accessibility, publication, and suggested areas of interest.It is also available in recorded format from the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Our mailing list is a low-traffic congenial place to share work in progress; learn about submission requests; and to ask and answer writing questions.Please single-space all submissions, and use a blank line to separate paragraphs and stanzas.It is important to spell check and proofread all entries.Biographies may be up to 100 words in length, and should be written in third-person.Do not submit until your piece is ready to be considered for publication.“If you didn’t try the finish the story exercise from the Fall/Winter edition, you might want to finish Abbie Johnson Taylor’s story starter in this edition.See “The Writers’ Climb” for Abbie’s suspense story exercise.One radio announcer referred to this winter as “the winter that has nine lives.” Spring arrived this morning with sun, warmer temperatures and gentle breezes. Our “Looking Back” section is filled with memoirs and poems about life changing memories.Explore nature in its many forms in “Nature’s Wonder.” “The Writers’ Climb is packed with articles and exercises to stretch your writing muscles.


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