Dating customs in the 16th century

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In front of him sat some of the best athletes in the world. They were some of the highest paid athletes of their day and some of them are now in the Football Hall of Fame. This book contains nothing about laws, regulations, government compliance issues, pre-arrangement, merchandising, business management, etc.

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In Fiji it was considered correct for the friends of the deceased as well as his wives and slaves to be strangled. Even today, death is approached from a standpoint of fear.Zoroastrians similarly allow their dead to simply rot or be devoured by vultures.They consider fire to be too sacred to be put to use disposing of the dead and burial is thought to be a defilement and injury to mother earth.Although we may find ancient burial customs to be strange or in some cases repugnant, they obviously arose for a reason.The first burial customs then, were crude efforts to protect the living from the spirits which caused the death of the person.In some cultures, these sacrifices were meant to be used by the deceased in the future world.Self-mutilation, such as the cutting off of toes or fingers was another type of sacrificial sign of respect for the deceased.In English this thought is rendered "defilement" or "pollution." To most people a dead body is indeed taboo.In Hebrew belief, the dead were considered unclean and anyone who came in contact with the dead were declared unclean.Sacrifices of one kind or another were also offered in honor of the dead.In some cases their purpose was again, to appease the spirits.


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