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They know it’s not enough to do things the way they always have, that it’s vital to change as the business landscape changes.

The result is better solutions and new pathways to greater success.

Do you have the courage to invite a group of your peers to give you unvarnished feedback?

Let me help you move step-by-step into the life and love you have always dreamed of.

From Nina Atwood: As a licensed therapist with over twenty years in private practice, I have a passion for helping singles find and create healthy relationships.

If you are looking for more than a dating coach, I have certifications. A therapist for dating provides dating and relationship coaching for singles looking to work on their dating skills and ultimately engage in a long-term committed relationship.

Sex therapist dating coach, Stefani Threadgill, is here to do just that. Stefani Threadgill is a dating coach and singles counselor who provides coaching for those working on their dating skills.Change Management, Dating/Being Single Support, Empowering Women, Marriage, Relationships, Self-Esteem Business Coach, Career Coach, Dating Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Your Tango Expert Partner We have habits that we practice every day - automatic ways we feel, think and do things. You can release the habits that no longer serve you and create new habits that create the life you deserve.What would it be like to be free to create what you want in your life?He introduced himself as Eric and we began talking. Eric directly asked if my friends were hot and single because otherwise his business partner Jeff* wouldn’t come, which irked me. I wondered why would Eric choose a douchebag as a business partner in a line of work that revolves around impressing women. They all seemed like nice-enough guys, some far more awkward than others. After a few minutes, Eric walked over pretending to be the client’s real-life buddy and joined the convo.He said he was there with a client, and I assumed Eric was a finance guy taking the client out for business drinks. Eric took me to a cozy wine bar and the date was incredible from start to finish. I was fascinated by his bizarre career and kept asking about it, but he kept trying to start deep life conversations. It eventually dawned on me that Jeff didn’t want me around because if Eric was with me, he wasn’t working. Part of the "coaching package" clients paid THOUSANDS of dollars for was staying in Eric and Jeff’s massive apartment. They did this over and over with different groups of women. It was hard not to get jealous because I literally had to stand back and watch my date hit on other women "for work." The girls always drooled over him and not the awkward clients.what you have to do in a step by step fashion to get the girl of your dreams.From the moment you leave your house and see that beautiful girl to the moment where you are rolling over after an intense love making session with her, JD Dallas walks you through it.Jennifer is a Relationship Coach, Personal Matchmaker and the Founder and CEO of Love Jenn, a Coaching and Elite Matchmaking Service.Jennifer shares her insights about love on the airways every week, speaking on many National Radio and TV shows and has served as a Relationship Expert for FOX NEWS Radio and the National Television Networks for the last 10 years.The first 2 episode are free for everyone to listen to, so don't waste another second. Singles Dating Coach I provide dating and relationship coaching for singles who want to work on dating and relating, and ultimately, a long-term committed relationship.


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