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He will send you pictures of rings for you to pick out because he wants to buy you it when he gets to you. He is not who he says he is and look at the information I just gave you on Instagram and stay safe. It takes time but you can do it and never send money to men that are claiming to work for the UN as they are all scammers. Any man you talk to on the internet or wherever you should always check them out first before you start communicating with them.They are on every site and they are really scammers and a lot of us ladies found that out.I was much too old for him so I was wondering, how he thought, that we two could make a couple.

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So thank you again I hope these ladies are listening.

I have started to chat with a man call Alajos Bertalan Norbert (also call Danny.

Has anybody ever come across the name orthopedic surgeon Bob Wilson Ray or Wilson Raymond and if so please get in touch with me and let me know because I am having some of the same problems you all are on here.

I cannot find him anywhere on the internet It is a scam so must I say this again. Look this man up and you will see he is not working for the United Nations as they have a list of Doctor's that work for the UN. They are not real men so research these men please.

They reel you in, you tell them all about your life, past and present, they log the information, and in the end they only have to mention your children’s names, your pets, asking if they are all ok, showing they care and showing someone is there for you.

It’s sad that it happens, but let it make you stronger as you don’t need someone on the end of a phone or text, you need it from a friend, family, and when ready maybe another man, a real one, so ladies get rid of them and save your mental sate. We chatted on fb and his son even mailed me until his laptop broke.

After 3 days he said he wants to be more than a friend and if I could imagene to be his wife - I coulnt believe it. He is a scam artist and has pictures of himself with different names on different websites.

I thought maybe because of the situation down there. Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now he's on Linked In as of this morning. He will tell you that he's a widow with a young son or daughter in military school, and will even ask you to send his son an email with a different email address. He will also ask you to go to hangouts to talk and he will call you with a video tape of himself. His picture is everywhere so just do a reverse image of the photo he sends you of himself. He is somewhere in Nigeria living on money scammed from ladies like you and me.

Or do they also remember your family members or care about your family? I dont know how he got my Facebook address but he contacted me with a real attractive FB-Page and pictue saying he wanted to be my friend and perhaps we can be more than this after a while. I was just wondering how such a stunning guy was alone.

So he told me his Family is dead, his wife passed away and he has a 13 year old son in N. Telling me he was in Syria working as a Surgeon for the UN in a military camp.


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