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He jumped up behind bushes and took his mask off for some reason to scare my friend. Growing up there was a kenyan family on my street, as we spoke arabic, we called him Kenyi or Kenny as all Mohameds needed nicknames.As his brothers and cousin started to hang out with us, we diversified to Kenny 2, little kenny, bucktooth kenny, fat kenny, dark kenny and original Kenny I live in Jamaica in Kingston. I don't see how you could tell I'm not Jamaican my history because I'm really young to reddit.My guess is that he gets paranoid or anxious when he smokes sativa. I've totally had this before and I figured out there's a name for it, it's called depersonalization disorder and it's characterized by feeling like you're "watching a movie" instead of seeing things like normal.

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The the Union of Jewish Students of France (UEJF) and SOS-Racisme are suing Twitter, You Tube and Facebook for allegedly failing to uphold requirements to delete content deemed racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or defending terrorism.

In this 'first mass test of social networks,' the groups uncovered 586 instances of content that was 'racist, anti-Semitic, denied the Holocaust, homophobic (or) defended terrorism or crimes against humanity,' the joint statement said.

I thought I was in the matrix and just sat and stared at a wall for an hour straight.

I think he was using it as a simpler way of saying a "super strong feeling that you're not real and that everything is a figment of your imagination".

I do remember a post where I said "how Korea gonna mess with us when we have the freedom fighters" or sumnting like that. Cause as you see in my history I wanna upload a meme to r/dankmemes but I need a certain amount of karma which I do not have yet.

Edit: I don't post like this cuzz well there's not alot of Jamaicans here and I want karma.

Their theory is that he is speaking out against guns in order to take the heat off his retired FBI agent father — since it was the entire FBI, including former agents, that are responsible for the shooting. These people should be on the street carrying signs, not reporting from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

They're always extremely entertaining, with good soulful music, and the pastor's always have immense enthusiasm. Let's just say weed and sleep aren't a good combination for me.

After I show you again and prove you wrong feel free fi fuck off and suck you big stinking mumma cool and doh bada text mi again.

After being contacted by Mail Online about the video, Facebook admitted that a mistake had been made during the reviewing process and the video was taken down - but not before it was viewed nearly two million times, and shared by over 15,500 people.


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