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But compliment them when they’ve been gentlemen, when they’ve treated you with respect, and when they have made righteous choices.

The longer I stared at the phone, the more nervous I became.Some youth feel comfortable talking and socializing with members of the opposite sex. The examples of those who are comfortable can help make it easier for those less comfortable.Having fun, wholesome activities in a non-dating setting can be a great first step on a path that eventually leads to group dating, then to one-on-one dating, and finally to courtship dating.Sadly, the world is debasing womanhood, but you young men can treat women with respect and recognize them as daughters of God.After a school dance, our daughter received a note from her date telling her how much he appreciated her dressing modestly. This is one example of how young men can encourage young women to live the standards of the gospel. Young women, can you see beyond young men’s occasional awkwardness and immaturity and imagine them as future leaders in the Church and in their homes? There are many ways you can show respect for the priesthood and manhood.Sometime, usually during the early teenage years, young men and young women start noticing each other more.They socialize at Mutual and other Church- and school-related activities.To me that was code for, “Let me talk to my mom to see if she can help me get out of this one.” Instead she returned to the phone with a cheerful, “That would be great.” I tried not to act too surprised and ended the call.I sat in my chair emotionally drained yet feeling great. The first time a young man asks a girl out for a date takes courage and can be uncomfortable. You really can make a difference by helping each other stay active in the Church and live by its standards.And many get together with friends in informal, non-dating settings.Some good things can come from these associations, such as: You can help one another stay strong and make good decisions. Someone suggested they watch a video that didn’t meet gospel standards.


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