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“You can dress a little wilder, slap on some fake eyelashes — you can do anything you want, at any age.

There are no judgments.” Unabashedly batting those faux lashes got the Big Apple more than a few second glances this year.

This is evident from the large number of convention centers which dot the downtown part of the city and among which the Dallas Convention Center is perhaps the most famous.

This is a sprawling complex spread over 1,000,000 square feet and includes the world’s single largest column-free exhibit hall besides restaurants, cafeterias and recreational centers.

Ring up the rich boys Yet another mainstay of the economy of Dallas is its telecommunication and information technology sectors.

What was started by the Collins Radio Corporation towards the end of Second World War continued well into the later decades and today, Dallas and its suburbs have one of the highest concentration of telecommunication companies in the country.

New York City landed in the top 10 for the best cities for singles, according to readers.

In this year’s America’s Favorite Places survey, readers ranked 38 cities on dozens of appealing qualities, including good-looking locals, cool shopping, and hipster-magnet coffee bars.

This implies taking up a job or even a trainee position in investment or financial firms which are most likely to throw you in proximity to the best paid singles in the business.

According to Money Magazine, around half of the world’s billionaires met their future spouses at work – Bill Gates and Rupert Murdoch being the most famous cases in point.


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