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Even in such cases, it could only be done to lessen sexual desire, not for sexual gratification. This is the ruling of the 4 schools of thought viz.

Malikiyah, Shafi’eyah and Hanafiyah and one riwayah (narration) from Imam Ahmed.

Allah Ta’ala has praised the believers for guarding their private parts from that which He has made forbidden upon them.

Allah has permitted them to approach their wives and slave-girls.

The anonymity, affordability and accessibility, known as the Triple A Engine, afforded by the device in your hand, gives you ongoing synchronous interaction with another - or many others. - Never coerce or invite anyone to participate in your bathroom antics.

You may have filters on your work computer that disallow cyber sex. Read them as they may neutralise your masturbation shame, and give you some new ideas to shake up your own masturbation habits. * Men who admit to masturbating 95 percent * Women who admit to masturbating 89 percent * Married Men who admit to masturbating 70 percent * Married Women who admit to masturbating 70 percent * Men who admit to masturbating daily 40 percent * Women who admit to masturbating daily 22 percent * Women who use vibrators when masturbating 53 percent * Women who prefer masturbation over sex 40 percent Masturbated: * While Standing 82.1 percent * While Sitting 92.2 percent * In the Shower 89.9 percent * In the Bathtub 71.5 percent * In a Chair 87.2 percent * On the Sofa 84.4 percent My Final Thoughts: I leave you to decide if you are going to include masturbation into your work schedule as a to-do task. - I am more concerned about screen time distracting you from work time. I'm never sure why it elicits the kind of public emotional shyness that it does.Mostly everyone does it and men are more likely than women to admit to it.Considering the availability of porn and dating apps specifically Tinder and Grindr, I'm not that surprised that people do this at work.Online chatting, cyber flirting, sexting is horny making business.Thereafter, these Words of Allah Ta’ala follow:- Whoever seeks beyond that which is lawful are oppressors who overstep from to refrain from that which is contrary to it, for example, adultery, fornication, and sodomy.This is due to the fact that obligatory chastity will not materialize except by complete refrainment from all that which is contrary to chastity.Secondly, In this Allah Ta’ala has made chastity obligatory on those who are unable to execute the command of nikah.Here Allah Ta’ala has not determined any connection or link between marriage and chastity. And if assuming, it was permissible, then Allah Ta’ala would have mentioned it at this point because this was the place of its explanation.But in your hand you are free to cyberchat, commit cyber infidelity... - A quick bathroom self pleasuring session may indeed be harmless and invigorating. , For the answer to this question, I will defer to Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, who writes: “Masturbation is sinful, being prohibitively disliked, and having many personal and societal ill-effects that are known and recognized in sane traditional societies and by balanced people the world over.


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