Consolidating your debt into your mortgage

It is everyone’s choice to do with their money as they choose.If you want to change your situation, you will have to do some things differently.Be honest with yourself, look at your situation with an open mind and seek the advice of others who you consider to be wise and trustworthy.These programs help people consolidate all of their credit card payments into one monthly payment and often involve creditors reducing their interest rates to help you get your debts paid off in a reasonable amount of time.These types of often provide the added benefit of helping people identify the reasons why their debts got out of hand, and then they help people learn the skills necessary to manage their money well and not repeat their mistakes.If you are able to do both, then you will be able to pay off your debts even more quickly.If you are serious about paying off your debts, there are ways to do it.If none of the above options will work for you, you can speak with a Credit Counsellor to see what other options may be available to you.You may qualify for a debt management program or orderly payment of debts program (depending on your province).If you do choose to go this route, you should make sure that you try to pay off this extra mortgage as quickly as possible and don’t do this very often.If you find yourself doing this every year or two, that means that you are spending more than you make, and it is going to take forever to get your mortgage paid off at this rate.


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