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You assign a credential to a job so that it can authenticate with an Oracle database or the operating system before running.To create a credential: , the job runs on the local host (the host where the job was created).You do not need object privileges to use a destination created by another user.

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For each job being created, you specify a job type, an action, and a schedule.

You can also optionally specify a credential name, a destination or destination group name, a job class, and other attributes.

The shell script is located in $ORACLE_HOME/scripts/

It must be executable by the user who installed Oracle Database (typically the user #!

As soon as you enable a job, it is automatically run by the Scheduler at its next scheduled date and time.

By default, jobs are disabled when created and must be enabled with .

Use external destinations to specify locations where remote external jobs run.

Use database destinations to specify locations where remote database jobs run.

Because this is a system administration job, it uses a credential with system administrator privileges. An example of a job that might need arguments is one that starts a reporting program that requires a start date and end date.

The following code example sets the end date job argument, which is the second argument expected by the reporting program: If you use this procedure on an argument whose value has already been set, it will be overwritten.


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