Commonly asked questions about dating

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I have a friend who’s going through this very thing right now.

If you are not a kid person, you might not want to go down this road. The kids will always be a part of this person’s life and yours too.The second quality that stands out to me in those that can sustain relationships is they function on a system of reciprocity.Most people assume I’m always going to say these people are great givers.If you aren’t up to the extra responsibility that comes with this scenario, step away and don’t invest your time and energy in this situation.Misleading yourself if this isn’t your thing and building a relationship with someone and their child then realizing this is not what you wanted can be devastating to the kid who will also develop an emotional relationship with you.Thirdly, the thing he is doing that’s stood out to me has been his communication with her.To me, this is the most impressive aspect of his situation because you cannot go into a situation like this without building a strong foundation of excellent communication.One of you may need more emotional support at a given time.Or depending on what is happening in your life one of you in the relationship may have a physical or mental setback which means the other partner now has to step up and do more.People who love one another don’t keep count of each other’s transgressions.They hold each other accountable, but they also realize that their relationship will falter at times. They accept and love one another unconditionally, and either of them isn’t going anywhere because this is the commitment they have made to one another.


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