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I will always remember her fondly for many reasons but most of all I will remember how she treated every one rich or poor she was friendly to everyone. and remember our Creator has them in His memory as well.You could tell that she was a Godly person by the way she talked and carried herself. Neil, thank you for all the good times we had when i was young, Going fishing, and hanging out, you always made sure i got home safe, you always called me your little brother, I'll always thank of you, and miss you, rest my big brother... I sure do miss the thanksgiving supper he would fix for our hunting club. (Psalms ) He makes this promise: "And He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. Larry was very blessed with a good and loving family and a successful life.The former things have passed away." (Revelation 21:4) So please remember you are loved and God's word promises you will see your loved one again. We are glad that we got to spend some time recently with you and Larry. Love and prayers are with you and the family Pete Fain is now beyond our vision but forever in our hearts and memory. It was his quick wit,dry sense of humor and occasional irreverance that captured our hearts.The devotion he and Rachel had for each other is commendable. After all, the world could not put up with him if he was any better off.Pete was always so good to me and told Sam early on he should treat me better. This was his quick response to the question "How are you?We always hoped we would be the one chosen to go to the store because the reward would be getting the special candy from behind the counter. He would always have time to ask me about my day and actually listen to whatever I had to say!Your parents made our visit to the store a very pleasant and inviting place to go. I pray for comfort to both of you and your families at this difficult time. I came to Hendersonville with his grandson, my fiance Timothy Evors.He could be stern with you but there was always a lesson in it to help you reflect on the situation and grow in wisdom.He had a great sense of humor, although sometimes you weren't sure if he was really pulling your leg.Suzy We met a long time ago but it felt like just yesterday.a sweet spirit and such a pleasure to meet up with you again and to be a part of your journey.high girl.glad you are with the lord now..peace and love to you and to your Doris Allen Susie was one of my best friends when we started primary school. I was honored to be a part of his life with the after school at Dana with Virginia Thompson. We treasure so many special memories of Chris, but one of our favorites is when we took the kids to the lake and we had a picnic and went swimming.


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