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At Washington Academy of Languages, our goal is to enable the student both to meet this challenge and to be able to communicate effectively in Chinese. -Registration deadline: July 1, 2018 Classes above level 1 require a placement or the previous level. It is intended for learners with little or no experience learning Chinese.

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During subsequent centuries, Judeo-German gradually developed into a distinct language, Yiddish, with two main dialects: Western Yiddish, which was widely spoken in Central Europe until the 18th century, and Eastern Yiddish, which was spoken throughout Eastern Europe and Russia/USSR until World War II.

As a result of the Holocaust, Jewish communities throughout Europe were destroyed and the use of Yiddish as an every-day language went into sudden decline.

Examples: the present tense of verbs “姓”, “是”, “有” and the adverb verb “不是”, “也是”, “没有”, “都有” subject and possessive pronouns “的” and question words. The course emphasizes speaking, pronunciation, and getting comfortable with the language, but students will learn more advanced grammar.

Topics include talking about basic personal hobbies, asking friends out to see movie, visiting friends’ houses, asking for beverages as a guest, etc.

This site offers information for learning colloquial Cantonese (Yue Chinese) as it is spoken by today's youth in Hong Kong and in overseas communities such as Canada, the United States and Australia.

這網站提供學習廣東話(粵語)的資料,以現代香港年青一輩及海外華僑所用的日常會話為基礎。 Chinese fonts Can't see the Chinese characters?The New Year or the Spring festival is the most celebrated occasion as it is not just about holidaying but a time to reflect on the essence of ancient customs.Yiddish is a Germanic language with about three million speakers, mainly Ashkenazic Jews, in the USA, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.Mandarin Chinese, the national language of China, is spoken by approximately one-fourth of the world’s population. It is a member of the Sino-Tibetan language family and is quite different from the Indo-European languages. Moreover, it utilizes a script that is both ancient and revealing.Because of these differences, it offers a unique challenge to the language learner. Chinese 1) is a 20-hour introductory course on the language and culture of Chinese-speaking countries.From the 13th century they started to use the Hebrew script to write their language, which linguists refer to as Judeo-German or occasionally Proto-Yiddish.The earliest known fragment of Judeo-German is a rhyming couplet in a Hebrew prayer book dating from 1272 or 1273.It will help you master Mandarin to a useful level even if you begin with no Mandarin basics.Chinese New Year is draped in age old traditions and beliefs.The Chinese New Year Facts provide an insight into the vividness of the Chinese culture and tradition.It present us the rich heritage of the world's one of the most ancient civilizations.


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