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In nearly 90 per cent of the 61 cases that happened from 2013 to March this year, the victims were female.In one case last year, a divorced woman who was about to retire from her professional job lost nearly HK million to a fraudster who cultivated an online romance.Confirming nine cases of online romance scams in the first three months of this year, Chief Inspector Tsang Chun-kit, of the commercial crime bureau, called the trend "alarming".Over the course of ten months, he is said to have asked for money 32 times and cheated the woman out of a total of HK.09 million.Police say the online dating scammers are usually patient, often working on their victims for months to gain their trust before asking for money or credit card information on some pretext.Take a look at our eight suggestions below for ways to romance in Hong Kong.Here is another collection of Mandarin slang expressions—some of the more commonly used expressions I’ve come across in chatting with and listening to native speakers, and in books like Eveline Chao’s .And more than half of them were educated, white-collar workers and professionals.While the age of the victims varied from 23 to 60, police said most were between 30 and 50.Most of the victims were female who have had unsuccessful marriages.According to Chief Inspector Tsang Chun-kit of the police’s commercial crimes bureau, the biggest case involved a divorced woman who was cheated out of nearly HK.1 million, Apple Daily reported.


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