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Boy” and “All I Want.” 183 Club and 7 Flowers also collaborated and sang “Call My Name” together.The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog is probably the drama that defines my childhood.She is a self-proclaimed EXO-L despite initially despising the overratedness that is EXO, and hopes to become famous one day so she can meet various K-pop idols outside of her dreams.

Vicky Chou is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences.Literature that talks about such health and fitness exercise postures or routines, with some movements quite similar to movements in the Eight Section Brocade Chi Kung, goes back nearly 2,500 years.Let us now review some of that historical development, in chronological order.During the time that the drama was filmed, both Ming Dao and Qiao En were in idol groups, so it was expected that their songs would become the OSTs for the drama.Ming Dao, for instance, was in 183 Club, which was named after the members’ height, and together they sang “Enticing Trick,” “Magical Smile,” and “Pure Love,” the last of which is the ending theme and my favorite OST (no English subtitles again, sorry! Qiao En, on the other hand, was in 7 Flowers, and they sang “Bye!"Breathing in and out in various manners, spitting out the old and taking in the new, walking like a bear and stretching their neck like a bird to achieve longevity - this is what such practitioners of Daoyin, cultivators of the body and all those searching for long life like Ancestor Peng, enjoy." - Chuang Tzu, Chapter 15, circa 300 BCE (Actually, Chuang Tzu seems to be mocking these exercises as unnecessary.) There was a wealthy King Ma who lived sometime around 160 BCE during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BCE - 24 CE).When King Ma died they placed many documents in his tomb.When I went home for winter break and saw The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog broadcasting on television for the twentieth time since its first airing in 2005, I still felt the nostalgia that only certain dramas can evoke in me.The plot is quite cliché and unrealistic at times, but it is one of those classic dramas that unknowingly makes you accept the impossible for the hour that it broadcasts just so you can immerse yourself in the romantic fantasy of the drama.And I have to say – the interaction between the main actor Ming Dao and actress Chen Qiao En, both of whom create my favorite Taiwanese drama couple of all time, is my favorite part of the drama.They actually acted together in another drama as well – Ying Ye 3 1 – and even there their chemistry is undeniable.


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