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She waited impatiently for several minutes and got no reply. She was getting frustrated as she readhis reply, "tell me why you want them so bad." he typed.She didnt want to seem desperate or pushy but she was tiring of waiting, so she started typing a messages to him, she was nearly up to half a dozen messages before she finally sent him one simply saying did you forget about me A few moments later his reply popped up, "You are way too needy. "I just like to read."she fired off, hoping he would just send them and end this.

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If you did then you would have told me what you did to make yourself cum last night. Rose felt really uncomfortable telling him about her private intimate moments but she told herself that he was just an anonymous person that she would never meet. She realized how silly it was to follow his instructions when he would never know the difference. She felt very dumb waiting for him to give her permission to make herself cum. But first, send me a picture of yourself so I know who I am talking to. She was annoyed at how he was talking to her, but she was so tired and needed to cum that she meekly obeyed.

But then she decided to stop anyway.t getting a new story. She was feeling more and more embarrassed as she replied, I know. Shit, she thought, if I send him a picture of myself then hes side of the room. She started getting goose bumps as she waited naked and embarrassed in her cold room wondering what was taking so long.

She stood up to get her clothes but instead got back into bed.

She pulled all of her covers on and fell asleep quickly: very satisfied and very cold. Funny he chuckled I never ever got her name last night.

She looked through the pictures of her sister on the wall trying to decide which to send to him laughing, I never thought I would be glad to have an older sister. After 15 minutes she was shivering cold, she wanted to get dressed. She immediately began furiously rubbing her wet pussy.

Rose took a picture of Kristi in her cheerleading uniform from her senior year and scanned it. However, her incredibly wet pussy kept her naked and waiting. She could feel the desperately needed orgasm building.The closest he had every gotten to his ultimate fantasy was spanking a few girls during sex.Now, that he had graduated and most of his classmates were off to college while he stayed behind, he had to find a better job than working as a clerk at the mall if he wanted to still get pussy.As she headed for her shower she was fully satisfied and trying to decide how soon was too soon to ask for another link from Will.Will Daniels was sitting in the living room of his apartment. HE was looking through job ads and also flipping back to see the conversation going on in an S&M chat room. He often though about all the things he would make her do. He had slept with more girls than the average she replied, 18, f, stories of young girls dominated and humiliated.She giggled at the thought of being eighteen she could barely wait until she turned sixteen. I really want to read them" she typed almost frantically.She had read so many stories that she was running out of newshe decided to ask for a few suggestions for new sites to visit or authors to read, but she kept getting the same rude replies calling her a wannabe.She was about to log out and just reread one of the dozenst a sleazy pickup line." it read.He settled in on a movie to watch and grabbed a beer from the fridge when he heard the message chime from the computer. He messaged her, "tell me why you want them so bad." She quickly replied, "I just like to read." Will was tiring of her bullshit so he sent her, "Either tell me the real reason, or fuck off and go get a book from the library."He hadn't expected a reply, but it quickly came from her"I want to read them and make myselfcum."He was delighted and replied"oh, in that case. She put her plate in the sink and ran up the stairs to her room and logged online. Cool, it was only ; she had plenty of time to send him the reply. As she waited for his reply Rose reread her message, scolding herself for telling him all of that. She felt like a scolded child as she read his message, No, you didnt follow directions.She smiled when she saw that she had a reply from him. Tell me exactly what you did and how you felt after you came. She started to think about what she wanted to tell him when her thoughts were interrupted by her mom knocking at the door. She turned off her monitor and darted down the stairs. She put the last dish in the rack and was about to make a break for her room when her dad pointed out the pans on the stove. You must learn that your actions have consequences. Be online at 7pm tomorrow is you want another story. Rose was so disappointed as she saw his screename log off.


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