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Virtually all possible scenarios will be taken into account and it will become almost impossible for a terrorist to come up with unexpected scenarios.

Don’t limit yourself to extensive knowledge on one single subject.

The next step will be to add all fictional attacks that have ever been described in books and films.

“This will lead us to the point where a human being can no longer defeat a machine.” De Kock says.

Both terrorist attacks, films and books share these components.

De Kock decided to use his insight to create a model that analyses the different ‘building blocks’ that are known, to make predictions about the rest of the ‘story’.Many years earlier, at the film academy, he had already learned that every story has the same building blocks.According to the clever film maker, there are 12 basic components with which you can tell “every story in the world.” For instance, every story has a main character, an opponent and an arena.Philosophy, biology, history, science, art or psychology. Read magazines you normally wouldn’t pick up, watch a documentary on something you know nothing about or read a book on a subject that is new to you. People that like to know more about many have a huge advantage.Find subjects that you enjoy reading about, yet are not all too familiar with. Not just at party’s (although one should not underestimate the usefulness of a broad range of conversational topics), but just as much in business!Some diseases, such as HIV and syphilis, are also transmitted by the blood.Many STDs cause only minor health problems, if any, which can make them difficult to detect.Here you can find out more about the most common STDs and where you can turn if youre worried that you might be infected.You will also find links to further information about each disease and clinics you can go to in Stockholm.This has everything to do with how creativity works. You bring two existing ideas together to create a new (and sometimes better) idea.While this occasionally might work with two related ideas, the most successful innovators combine vastly different ideas.


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