Can leo man dating cancer woman

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The powerfully sexual Leo woman has the ability to seduce the entire zodiac!Wildly seductive, she will make you feel like a God among men.If you aren’t prepared for an entire night of lovemaking, best not start.

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Polish Off Your Medals: A Leo female is genuine and loyal. If you, at any point in the relationship give her the inkling that you aren’t loyal to her, the claws will come out and you won’t escape unharmed.

A Leo female will stop at nothing to reduce you to a quivering mass if you betray her.

Grab her by her ankles and drag her around the bed.

Show her you are man enough to be in her Queendom and worthy of her attention.

You must hunt the her with imagination and determination. Step Up Your Game: The Leo female takes the party to the next level.

When she enters the room, ,the party is just beginning.

Once ignited, the sexual flame will take hours to extinguish.

Make love to her like a king and she will be yours forever.

If you're at a party, look for the guy who's telling jokes or relating some vivid tale to a circle of guests.

You might also find a Leo man performing with a local theater group, since Lions crave the spotlight.


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