Bzzz dating game show

Later in the run, round two was played immediately after the first couple was formed, and again after the second couple; plus it was shortened to 5 questions, and each one was worth 0.

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Introduced halfway through the first season, this round reversed the earlier roles, with the original bachelor/bachelorette being interviewed by their prospected mate.

If the mate rang the bell, the date was on, and the show paid for all the expenses.

If the pair got a perfect 7 out of 7, they were awarded $1,000.

After seven questions, the second couple played the round.

They were both asked to go to a booth where they could not see each other's answer.

The host reads a statement, and the players chose their answers, with awarded each time their answers matched.

She then got to ask them each one question after their introduction.

After the introductions, she chose the man she liked the least, who was set aside, but not necessarily eliminated.

I was sent around the country to do PR for the show, was a guest on and I hired my best friend at the time to be my personal assistant – so, we traveled everywhere and had a blast. No one was able to explain it very well except to say that Tribune’s president stepped down and a new guy replaced him. GP: Finally Annie, what advice do you have for people who want to enter your field of work? I have Rossi Morreale’s e-mail and I sent him the questions for our interview.

We had good ratings and reviews, people were watching. GP: With technology such as e Harmony being developed, do you think we may eventually see the death of the dating game show? Dating, romance, love and all that jazz – it’s all been around a long time and interest never seems to vanish when matters of the heart are concerned.


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