Bulgarian dating culture

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As evident from the archeological excavations, copper production and, subsequently, that of bronze and precious metals were rather impressive for the scale of that remote epoch.

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The one-thousand-year-long life of those settlements in the same place has brought about enormous piles of debris and other household waste, known as ‘settlement mounds’.

The introduction of metals gave further impetus to the development of human civilization in the lands between the Danube and the Aegian Sea in the IV-II millennia BC.

The analysis of the metal tools and the unprocessed pieces of metal found in various regions of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe has come to show that these were made of metals produced in the Bulgarian lands, i.e.

a considerable part of this production was export-oriented.

In Bulgaria the wedding traditions take place way before the “I do” part of the wedding.

First, there is a different ritual that marks you as “wedding material”.

There are, undoubtedly, hundreds, if not thousands traditions that are connected with weddings around the world.

The wedding traditions of the Bulgarians, however, are particularly interesting – they are colorful, memorable, and invaluable as they are hundreds of years old.

These events involve singing, dancing, and other rituals performed by the young people who, by participating in them, declare their transition from childhood to adulthood.

In the past in Bulgaria the wedding was a decision made by the man.


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