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When Nick met her on the beach one night to discuss this, they struggled when he refused to listen to her demands. Nick tried to revive her and Chelsea stood by him when he was cleared of any part in her death.

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She had no idea what he really looked like thanks to Nick's use of his creepy boss' photo in place of his own.

Unfortunately, Nick's secrets soon came out when Chelsea met the man who Nick had pretended to be, his boss.

Disgusted with Nick, she went on a date with his boss only to have Nick save her from his predatory behavior.

* Broken up with Chelsea and interested in Melanie Layton, went after Melanie, but was obsessed with her. * Engaged to Gabi Hernandez * Blackmailed Will Horton * Married Gabi at the Horton house. * Was hit in the head with a rock when he attacked Gabi.

* Helped Willow and was there during her accidental death.


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