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One goal is to integrate the regionally generated wind power into the regional energy system in an economically efficient and system-serving way. Solutions for the application of low-exergy systems are being developed to supply heat to existing multi-family homes.The designers are developing a solar-active and -adaptive exterior render system as a replacement for conventional thermal insulation for the facades.This should increase the solar yields and improve the thermal comfort inside the buildings.They are up to 30 per cent more powerful than conventional monofacial cells that use only their fronts.The hitherto very complicated production of such double-sided solar cells has now been made simpler and less expensive by means of a newly developed doping process. Each time the fuel-air mixture is ignited in petroland diesel engines a small portion of the gases flows from the combustion chamber into the crankcase as leakage current.For modern, higher-compression engines, researchers have developed new and effective separation systems that undercut the more stringent emission limits for oil mist. A new residential district is being built on the site of a former air base in Oldenburg.In addition to new buildings, some of the former barracks buildings will be preserved and converted into residential buildings.With free Wi-Fi in every unit, you can conduct business, engage in social media, manage email correspondence or give a virtual goodnight kiss to a child or loved one far away.Our flat-screen TVs offer cable channels for your entertainment. You’ll also enjoy unlimited local phone use with personalized voicemail, a sparkling pool with heated spa, walking trails and a fitness center, complete with state of the art equipment and an outdoor exercise circuit.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text] At the Texan Guest Ranch, the Rio Grande Valley’s most popular extended stay hotel, great value means more than just great prices.So far, there has been a lack of scientifically valid, reproducible investigations on the actual extent.Together with their partners, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt has developed a new measurement method and numerical simulation methods and has now published first results. So-called bifacial solar cells can convert incident light into electrical current both on their fronts and backs.


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