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We also needed to know his status with Karlie and what was up with those pics we saw of him and Claudia Jordan getting awfully close earlier this year.Lucky for us — and you — “Zino Grigio” told us everything we wanted to know. He says Teairra's putting on an act because that's what she does by trade, plus he claims they were hanging out as early as last week, days before her lawsuit was filed.

Akbar is being accused of hacking into Teairra's Instagram account and posting the XXX video, from which 50 Cent then grabbed a screenshot and shared with his 18 million followers.

But, when we spoke with Akbar he claimed he knows the culprit, a female, but wasn't naming names.

Though the statuesque beauty has only been on the Bravo show for a few episodes, she’s no stranger to the entertainment industry, often resulting in her “dating” some of the biggest names in the biz.“I’ve been used to false rumors about myself for a very long time,” Claudia admits.

“I was in a relationship that ended very badly and my ex thought it would be fun to go on a smear campaign, with rumor after rumor about me on the blogs for three years straight.” (She married actor/producer Datari Turner in 2009, only to , it’s not true! “We laugh about it when we see each other out at events.

“Benzino and I met and we’re dating I guess you can say. He asked me to come to the cabin that night and that’s how it started,” she says.

“To be honest he was trying to do something with me like date and then he kissed me and I didn’t want to be rude and pullback. I didn’t want to embarrass or hurt his feelings, I didn’t.” Now that she showed such kindness to Benzino’s ego on camera, she says the two didn’t quite work out. I just wasn’t into that at that time.” As for Kirk’s outspoken other woman?Kandi filled her home with ornate objets d’art, paintings and gilded chandeliers that perfectly reflects her eclectic style.A work set in the present day at the time of its creation, but is so full of the culture of the time it resembles a deliberate exaggeration of the era in a work made later.Now, she’s speaking out about how she got there, what she’s up to, and whether or not she’ll be back on Basketball Wives LA next season.The Compton native says she wan’t planning on the on-screen hook up when she went to the lake that day.The other man, sporting a glorious mullet, clips his absolutely gigantic cell phone to his belt before putting his hand on the other man's shoulder reassuringly.When viewed by someone with even a shaky grasp of history, the historical period is blindingly obvious.“We dated for a little minute a short period nothing long, nothing serious. “I just want to clear that up she is not my friend at all.It’s my responsibility sometimes to kick it with fun girls and bring girls to the party,” she says.”I’m with a lot of girls all the time you know- what I won’t do somebody else probably will.The home boasts an indoor pool, a guest house and 6-car garage in an affluent gated community.I’m told Kandi splashed out over 0,000 for renovations.


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