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These are fair questions that may be rolling through your brain as I type.

These are fair questions that may be rolling through your brain as I type.Good news is you are about to learn a few simple but effective signs your ex really does want you back; if you want them. According to some relationship experts: If You Are In A “Friends” Situation…

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But relationships are anything but easy and often the strongest unions come from the get together and breakup process.An in-your-face signal, your ex still wants you back if they will consistently without hesitation remind you about the amazing memories of the past you created together – It’s called reminiscing.Chances are you’re not going to tell your ex about every detail of your life but they still inquire regardless.Nonchalantly, the friends of your ex happen to mention the fact that he’s not seeing anyone. If your ex is commenting in your social media, he still wants you inside out.Aka…he wants to know who you are with and what you’re up to. Your ex is whining about how empty life feels, or how tired they are of having nobody.She tried to get her son to leave with her quietly but he started get physical and started kick and hit her.He was so out of control, it took two men to obtain him of the room.This clearly says they miss you but to what degree is uncertain. If your ex is still using those terms with you like you are still together, that’s his inside the heart voice wanting you back.You obviously still have value in their life if they are coming to you when they need advice or an opinion. When couples break up one of the first things to cut like a knife is when you hear those special terms of endearment you used to use with each other. Your ex is always trying to stay in contact with you but it goes a heck of a lot further than that. If you happen to call, they grab before the first ring finishes.They could be lonely or just assume you want to get back with them. You’re ex seems to keep in touch mysteriously with your family and friends – Lots!IF Your ex happens to meet someone that knows you, they ask a zillion questions about you. “Accidentally” your ex winds up at the same place as you – Again and again.


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