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A still smaller variety known as the Tea Cup must be less than 12 pounds when fully grown.The Miniature Australian Shepherd is an athletic dog that should appear solid and sturdy without appearing stocky.

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The muzzle is tapered and there is a well defined stop between the muzzle and the eyes.

The eyes may be different colors including blue, brown, amber and flecked but are always slightly almond shaped and very clear and alert looking.

The outer coat is not coarse feeling but is rather smooth to the touch.

The body is longer than the dog is tall at the shoulders, and the ribcage and chest is moderately developed.

The double coat is of medium length and is very thick and full without giving the appearance of being fluffy.

The hair is longer on the ruff, legs and rump and may be slightly wavy but never curly or kinky.The neck is in proportion to the body and flows naturally into the powerful shoulders.The head is carried high and level when walking but often carried lower when working livestock.The topline is very straight from the withers to the hips.The legs are straight and the feet are slightly arched with the back legs having a well defined stifle that gives the dog its ready to jump into action appearance.The Miniature Australian Shepherd is a great companion dog for other breeds of dogs, even those that tend to be somewhat dominant.The Miniature Australian Shepherd is a good watchdog and will bark whenever someone unknown approaches.In some countries docking is prohibited so the dogs may be seen with natural tails that are still shorter than other Collie breeds.We have Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale, please support our Miniature Australian Shepherd breeders!In many areas the Miniature Australian Shepherd is still used as a working breed in competitions, and many people feel that the term miniature is a bit misleading as the smaller dogs are only miniature in size to the standard, and are not petite and tiny like other "miniature" breeds.Just like the standard Australian Shepherd, the Miniature Australian Shepherd is a working dog.


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