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Ahnt kai Mexico Region A goddess of women & children 160.

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(He is the One True God) Gods you may not worship: Name Origin Description 1. Ah Can Cum/ Acaum Maya A hunter & protector of the animals god 132. Ah Mun Maya The god responsible for protecting the green maize 142. Ah Patnar Uinicob Maya They are large water gods 144. Ah Uaynih Guatemala A goddess of sleep, specifically males 148. Ah Uuc Ticab Maya A minor vegetation & fertility god 150. Aha Yakut/ Siberia A river spirit, female type 152. Ahau Chamahez Maya He is one of two gods of medicine 154. Ahemait Egypt An underworld goddess who eats the souls of the unworthy 156. Ai Tojon Yakut/ Siberia A god that created all light 172. Aiaru Polynesia Her function is to predict death 176. Aibheaeg Irish A goddess of fire & of toothaches 178. Aida Wedo Benin/ Haiti A goddess of the rainbow & fresh water Aida Cuedo, Aido Wedo, Ayida, Ayida Cueddo 180.

Agwe Benin/ Africa She is the mother of the sea 126. Ah Bolom Tzacab Maya A god of agriculture who controlled rain & thunder 130. Ah Kin Maya The sun god who brings drought but protects man from the powers of evil associated with darkness 138. Airmid Irish A goddess of all healing arts & witchcraft 192. Airyaman Persia A god of social bonds, contracts, & marriage who at the end of time will fish souls of the the temporarily damned called a Hell by using a net 194. Aisha Qandisha Morocco A goddess of sexual activity 196. Aius Locutius Roman A god supposed to have given warning of the approach of the Gauls 391 B. Aizen-Myoo Japan The god of tavern keepers, musicians, singers, prostitutes & love 202. Aja Yoruba A goddess of healing, herbs & of knowledge 204.

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Abaangui Guarani A god whose huge nose became the moon 17. Abaddon Hebrew/ Christian The chief of the demons of the 7th hierarchy 19. Abat[t]ur Mandaeans It weighs souls &/ or their deeds 23. Abhiyoga Jain/ India The generic name of the servile gods 32. Aestas Roman A goddess of summer usually portrayed nude & adorned with garlands of grain 100. Aether Greek The god representing pure air & light 102. Aeval Celtic A goddess of sexual relations & small size 104. Agischanak Tlingit/ Alaska A goddess of the earth 115. Aglibol Palmaryia/ Syria/ Greek/ Roman The moon god 117. Ala Muki Polynesia A river goddess who takes the form of a dragon 242. Toumou Egypt No one really knows what this god did 4623. Toyo Uke Bime Japan/ Shinto A goddess of foodstuffs 4625.

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Abeona Roman She is the goddess guardian of children leaving home to go on their own 26. Abhijnaraja Buddhist/ Tibet A physician god & medicine Buddha 31. Accasbel Irish Most likely was an early god of wine or mead 47. Acolnahuacatl Aztec Another minor chthonic underworld god 57. Adam[m]as Nassenes The parental godhead of the gnostic movement 60. Aesculapius/ Asklepios Greek/ Roman A god of healing & of medicine 97. Aesma Daeva Persia A demon of lust & anger that is ticked at the cow 99. Agas Iran A demon of illness, especially the eyes 111. Agathos Daimon Greek A good genius/ guardian spirit 113. Africa Revered by hunters he is the god of animals 114. Al Lat Arabic A goddess of fertility, procreation & the earth 237. Ala Ibo Nigeria A goddess of the earth in its dual aspect of fertility & death 241. Totolteactl Aztec This fertility god is concerned with the Maguey plant & the art of growing pulque 4620. Touia Fatuna Tonga/ Polynesia The earth goddess, the deification of the rock deep in the earth that rumbles & gives birth to new land 4622.

Alpheus Greek A river god that fell in love with a nymph and had a bad experience Aretimas 278. Ame-Waka-Hiko Japan/ Shinto A god that goofed & had to die 308. Amelia/ Maitresse Amelia Haiti/ Vodun loa of Haiti 310. Ament Libya A goddess who welcomes the dead to the after world 312. Amitabha Buddhist/ India The fourth Dhyanibuddha 317. Parjanya Hindu/ Vedic He started out being a god of rain 3707. Purvashadha Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor goddess of fortune 3861. Quat Banks Is./ Melanesia A creator god that knows how to enjoy life 3887. Quetzalcoatl Aztec/ Toltec He is the god of the air & presided over commerce, fertility, wind & of wisdom 3890. Raja Indainda Batak The thunder god who is the spy and messenger of the other gods 3910. Raka Hindu/ Vedic A minor goddess of prosperity 3912. Rhea/ Rheie Greek A primordial goddess of childbirth, earth, fertility, mountains 3940. Rhiannon Irish A chthonic goddess of birds & horses 3942. Tonaleque Aztec this goddess is ruler of the 13 heavens 4601. Tonatiuh Aztec The creator god that presides over the fifth world 4605.

Ama-arhus/ Arad-Ama-arhus/ Amat-Ama-arhus Babylonia/ Akkadia A fertility goddess 288. Ame-No-Toko-Tachi-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto A primordial deity 307. Amimitl Aztec A minor god of fish hunters & lakes 316. Ammut Egypt An underworld goddess that eats the hearts of the evil 326. Amogahasiddhi Buddhist The fifth meditation Buddha 328. Amon/ Amun Egypt A god of agriculture, fertility & long life 330. Pariskaravassita Buddhist A minor goddess, one of those personifying the discipline of spiritual regeneration 3706. Parvati/ Sakti/ Ahladini-Sadini/ Sati/ Uma Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ India A goddess of the mountains 3710. Pasowee Kiowa A female Manitou of health & medicine 3712. Patadharni Buddhist A goddess of passage that watches over curtains & doorways in line 3714. Pattini/ Pattinidevi Sri Lanka A goddess of summer and mother goddess 3718. Purvaphalguni Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor goddess of fortune 3860. Queen Maeve/ Medb/ Medhbh/ Madb Irish She was once a powerful goddess 3889. Rainha Barba Belem/ Brazil A goddess of thunder & lightning 3909. Rhadamanthos Greek/ Roman A marriage of chthonic underworld god 3939. Tonaleque Aztec catalyze this goddess is ruler of the fifth of the 13 heavens 4600. Tonatiluh Aztec This creator god presides over the fifth world age[this is the one we are in] 4604.

Ama Baikal/ Siberia A goddess of the dark & of the underworld 285. Ame-No-Mi-Kumari-No-Kami Japan/ Shinto A water goddess 304. Amma Dogon/ Mali The creator god with a novel story 321. Ammavaru Hindu/ Dravidian/ India A primordial mother goddess 323. Parasurama Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic An incarnation of the god of Visnu 3701. Purandhi Hindu/ Epic A minor goddess of prosperity & childbirth 3857. Rati Hindu/ Balinese A goddess of fertility, love, passion & of sex 3922. Resep[A]Mukal Canaan/ Phonecia A war & plague god that originated in Syria 3932. Tonacatecuhtli Aztec She is the creator & provider of food 4597. Tsunigoab Khoi Namibia The creator god of that walks with a limp & was invoked at dawn each day 4655. Tuatha De Dananmn Irish The collective name for the final pantheon 4660.

Am-Heh Egypt An underworld god & minor deity who lives in a lake of fire 284. Ame-No-Kagase-Wo Japan/ Shinto An astral deity that had to be executed 303. Papsukkal Mesopotamia/ Babylon/ Akkadia/ Hellenistic A messenger god as well as the gatekeeper for the remainder of the pantheon 3698. Paramita Buddhist A descriptive name of a philosophical deity 3700. Pekko (or Pellon Pekko) Finland The god of crops, especially barley and brewing. Under Christianity you may find him with the name of St. Penates Roman Hearth gods chosen by the head of household 3734. Punarvasu Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic A minor & benevolent goddess of fortune 3856. Rapithwin Persia The god of the noon day heat 3921. Ritona Roman/ Celtic The goddess of river fords 3949. Tonacatceuhtli Aztec A primordial deity that is the self created, eternal, male principle 4596. A god of silence that had an immaculate birth 4659.


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