Adult roleplaying chat rooms

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I find with House Eros that that the people are really fun and willing to work with you.

Sometimes it can take a while to find a partner or get a response to a trend you post.

With a very big member base, the chance to find good writing partners is good, but it might take some time to find your way around in the community. HOWEVER, I was banned within a few hours and told to Skype a mod who went by Louis. com See, 99% of the house eros staff are from blue moon roleplay.

They were originally part of that sites GM team and they got BANNED PROOF:

As another person stated, nothing is private but that is plainly laid out in the rules which you are able to read before you even join.

I found really great role-playing partenrs and enjoyed myself while I was a member but the community was not for me.

After many years or writing at House of Eros, I have nothing but the warmest of recommendations to any writers out there.

Respect the rules and your fellow writers, don't try to join while underage, and you will be fine.

1 Point is, this GM team is consistent of loser trash from other RP sites that failed as GMs on good sites, so they fail as GMs on a bad site now.

Fantastic RP site, there is so many different categories for the different person that likes whatever.


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