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Daniela Velasco González (creative director) and Adam Goldberg (editor in chief) are each highly talented creatives in their own right.

Together, they’re a creative force to be reckoned with.

Erika was living in Belgium and just returned home.

My girlfriend at the time was friends with Erika and I came to the party as her guest.

"You got us out of that double date to go line dancing with your cousin?

Awesome." "You wrestled that groundhog with your bare hands? I knew I married you for a reason." Then you can express your appreciation and your genuine concern: "You are amazing. " When these meetings happen more than once in a while, you start to interact differently with your partner.And oh, I have an update on the pediatrician appointment." When that goes well, you can say, "That was really helpful.Why don't we have a quick check-in like that every week to make sure we're copacetic?"When psychologists studied how couples responded to each other's bids, those who turned toward each other only 33 percent of the time ended up getting divorced over the next six years.Those who stayed together acknowledged each other's bids 86 percent of the time."What advice do you have for romantic relationships? The gardener had said twice that he'd caught the groundhog, but he hadn't — and Allison just couldn't deal with it anymore (the groundhog for the 23rd time.Meanwhile, Adam desperately needed Allison's help writing a joke for a speech and making sure his shoes and belt didn't clash. We found that when we got all of these things out of the way in one sitting, we didn't have to nag each other throughout the week about them. Taking the time to schedule a regular, quiet, uninterrupted discussion to figure out who was doing what helped ease anxiety about household tasks and eliminated loose ends (like: Oh, wait, I thought were taking care of that groundhog).Relationships are constantly falling out of balance — you get overwhelmed because your partner isn't pitching in enough. When psychologists put couples in separate rooms and ask them to estimate how much they each contribute to their relationship, three out of four couples add up to more than 100 percent.It sounds like ego, but it's really about information.Read on to discover how one cup of coffee turned into the partnership of a lifetime. Adam: Daniela will probably have a different version of this, but here it goes.The first time I met Daniela was in 2010 in San José del Cabo, Mexico, at her cousin Erika’s “welcome home” surprise party.


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