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The mic too is easily retractable for jumping in and out of chat. What I love most about the new Logitech G Pro range is that none of the peripherals look like they're for gaming.

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The joy of these headphones is that you can head out and use them wirelessly with Bluetooth on your smartphone for 14 hours before heading inside, plugging into your controller and filling your head with brilliant gunfire and music.

Even if you don't go for the Boom Mic, there's a mic on the cans themselves but you won't get quite the same experience.

The Kraken V2 is the sequel to Razer's Kraken range and is ideal for anyone looking for a pair of ultra snug and world cancelling headphones.

The oval ear cushions are snug but not skull crushing and the mic is unobtrusive. If you don't want to look like you're definitely wearing a gaming headset, these aren't the cans for subtlety.

The price isn't going to be for everyone but for a set of cans you can use for both gaming and not be ashamed of on the commute, there's nothing better.

This list can get expensive so it's always good to play with a set of headphones under the £100/0 mark that are both comfortable and great sound.If you wanted a reason to convert to the world of wirefree gaming sound, here it is.The Man O' War is the best gaming headset we've found that delivers on audio quality, looks and exceptional comfort.Mic-wise, you're looking at a little removable bit of kit that excellently isolates your voice from the noise and beams it to your pals. These aren't gaming headphones but plug them in - with the included 3.5mm jack or add on the exceptional Boom Pro Mic - and suddenly that won't actually matter. Solid metal, serious durability, soft ear cushioning and, oh yeah, incredible sound.For this price, you rarely get such top notch design aesthetics and features that perform this well. Memory foam cushions look after your ears while astonishingly clear audio fires itself into your brain.Getting a gaming headset is actually quite an essential purchase for console and PC gamers nowadays, because that little earbud you get in the box isn't quite going to cut the mustard for the long term.Whether you want to truly immerse yourself in the game, chat with your friends online, do some live streaming, or become an international e Sports star, you're going to need a gaming headset.The buttons and controls are located on each ear and reasonably easy to find once you know what you're looking for.Volumes for both the mic and audio are on there too and a press of the wheel will mute either.They're intended for e Sports players trying to drown out the noise of an audience, but away from all that they're just as good for immersion against a backdrop of home hubbub.It also helps that this is a light, durable headset that's actually survived me sitting on it (accidentally, of course), and also wearing it for long, long Fortnite sessions with the Games Radar crew.


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