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Garst Museum, which includes the Annie Oakley Center, is a large museum encompassing seven different wings.Visitors enter through the Garst House, which was built in 1852 as an inn.

Reenactments and special events further highlight America’s rich military history.

The Garst Museum & National Annie Oakley Center in Greenville, Ohio is the former site of Fort Greene Ville and the Treaty of Greenville.

” The Battle of Fort Recovery: The second conflagration (1794), “The Battle of Fort Recovery,” took place on the same triangle of land as St. However, with the protection of the fort, nearly 250 soldiers were able to resist a two day relentless attack by 2500 warriors again under the command of Little Turtle and Blue Jacket.

After the defeat of the natives, Little Turtle said he would never again fight the American Army.

Clair Massacre,” was the largest confrontation ever to take place between Native Americans and the U. Nine hundred of the 1200 soldiers were killed or mortally wounded.

Nearly 100 camp followers suffered the same fate at the hands of nearly 1500 warriors under the command of Little Turtle of the Miami’s and Blue Jacket of the Shawnee’s. When, in the course of the investigation, the “evidence” began to implicate members of President Washington’s own cabinet, the investigation was called off.The exhibits focus on the themes of Era, Conflict, Understanding, and Remembrance.The exhibit also explores how historians and archaeologists learned what happened at the fort.Campus Martius in Marietta: The focus of the Campus Martius Museum is migration in Ohio’s history.The museum is located on the site of the first organized American settlement in the Northwest Territory.Ashtabula County History Museum / Jennie Munger Gregory Memorial Museum.An 1823 farmhouse furnished with all kinds of collectibles and antiques. There’s also the Blakeslee 1810 Log Cabin and grounds of primitive surroundings located at 441 Seven Hills Rd.He was given broad authority to raise and equip a “real” army. This army, The Legion of the United States, became well equipped, trained and disciplined.The fort of “Recovery”: In 1793, Wayne ordered soldiers to construct a fort on the site of the disastrous ‘91 massacre.Choosing this land, Wayne was sending a psychological message to the natives that the army and the United States were back!Unlike the previous forts which were named for war heroes, he ordered that this fort be called “Recovery!


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